Dong Wang

Associate Professor @ Tsinghua Univ.

Leading Scientist @ FreeNeb

Short Bio

I got my college degree in 1999 and master degree in 2002 at Tsinghua University of China. From 2006-2009, I studied at the University of Edinburgh supported by the Marie Curie fellowship, supervised by Prof.Simon King and Dr. Joe Frankel. In Dec. 2009, I got my PhD and then joined EURECOM, France as a post-doc research fellow, working with Nick Evans and Raphael Troncy. From Aug. 2011 to July. 2012, I worked for Nuance as a senior research scientst.

I am now an associate professor in the Center of Speech and Language Technology (CSLT), Tsinghua University, Beijing China, and server as the deputy dean of CSLT. My research focus is speech processing (speech recognition, speaker recognition, language recognition, emotion recognition, speech synthesis, etc), language processing (machine translation, text generation, dialog system etc. ), financial processing (asset portfolio, risk control, etc.). I am currently supervising several master/PhD students, and co-working with several researchers in/outside of China. I'm leading several national projects and collaborating with a few enterprise partners, including SinSun, Tongfang Japan, Roobo. More detailed resume is here

Recruitment Notice

My team is growing quickly. Positions at various levles (Post-doc fellows, engineers, visiting scholars and intern students) are available. The subject covers Speech, Language and Finance Processing technology. If you are interested in doing research work with us, contact me via email.